As Your Friend: Prelude to Back 2 Love — Chpt 2

Chapter 2

Robyn and Chris had only been talking for 10 minutes but it felt like hours and hours had went by; It was as if they were the only two people in the room as they were the only two who understood each other. Robyn saw Tori looking at her and felt a strong tension between the looks she was giving her. Robyn paid it no mind, she was use to it. Even at a young age she had women of all ages who disliked her for no apparent reason, but she was nobody’s fool. She just didn’t care. Chris on the other hand totally bypassed any signs of tension between Tori and Robyn. He didn’t even see Tori looking at him; he was so focused on the girl that was in front of him. He kept thinking in his head wow imagine if I were to walk around Richmond with HER!!! Yea Robb and Aaron couldn’t say shit!  Chris was from a small town in Virginia there was nobody and I MEAN nobody who looked like Robyn. He had his flock of girls but they were average girls who flocked between him and his 15 cousins in the area, but Robyn she was something different, and he caught on to it really fast.

          The Dj at the party played old school Motown hits and everyone started dancing. Chris two stepped to the dance floor and put on a show. Robyn was impressed. The Dj cut into an old school classic of ‘Jackson 5’ Rockin Robin. Chris was dancing in circles around Robyn singing to her. Robyn blushed. The guys from her island were not this charming. She felt relaxed and at ease. She bopped her head and two stepped a little with Chris. All the heads in the room took notice to the young pair and started making their own commentary.

          Those two can be big!”

          “Future Romeo and Juliet!”

          “I need to talk to their managers. We need a collab.” Everyone in the room was trying to network with Tori and Jason for the two. The room had become a mess as if they were on Wall Street. Chris and Robyn slipped out of the room unnoticed. There was an empty hall in the facility that they snuck into. Robyn immediately took off the heels she had been sporting.

          “Oh wow, you’re tall.”  Chris said to her, Robyn laughed,

          “Whatchu mean.”

          “I mean I knew you were tall cause of the heels, but you’re still pretty big girl.”


          “Nahhh…man I mean…see—“ Chris was tongue tied, but Robyn knew what he meant.

          “When I’m at home I don’t wear heels at all! I wear sandals or tennis shoes.

          “Oh yea, I should get you some Jordans! You’ look fly.”


          “Yea, Michael Jordan…basketball shoes…”

          “I know what they are…I just never wore them.” There was an awkward silence between them.

          “So, how you like being signed and stuff.”  Robyn asked Chris.

          “It’s cool, I mean I like singing and performing, and all the girls crying over me!” Robyn rolled her eyes, and Chris was slightly embarrassed.

          ‘But—its hard, I don’t see my friends and cousins like that. There’s nobody for me to really chill with.”

          “I totally understand. I only have my best friend Melissa, and even then she can’t always be there with me.

          “What? It’s hard to believe you don’t have friends!”

          “I mean, people don’t like me. Well…women seem not too.”

          “I can see why…” Robyn looked up at Chris in confusion.

          “WHY?” Chris walked over to her and brushed his hair with his hands as if he wasn’t sure how to say what he wanted to say. He looked Robyn up and down a multiple of times. Outlining her body with his eyes, he couldn’t help himself. His eyes locked with hers. He finally managed to blurt out.

          “Because you’re beautiful…” He felt stupid for even telling her that. But she took his hand with hers and cuffed it. She felt so comfortable with him. She smiled and thanked him.

          They had been gone from the party for a long while and decided to go back with their managers. They exchanged contacts and slipped back into the party unnoticed by….most. On the way back to the hotel Tori let Chris know she saw him and she did NOT approve.

          “So where did you and that girl sneak off too?”

          “What girl? Robyn? We just went outside to talk.” There was an awkward silence.

          “Chris I know you are getting to that point where all these girls are giving you attention but don’t fall into the trap of these women. It’s not good…it’s not healthy.”

          “Tori! Chill what are you talking about? She’s cool…she doesn’t even act like all these other girls, she act like….kind of like me!”

          “Still you need to be careful especially with girls like her!” Chris didn’t understand what “girl like her meant” but he noticed Tori did not like Robyn.

          “Whatever man! Anyway what’s on the schedule for this week?”

          “You actually have it off, so what are you going to do, vocal training, gym—“

          “WHAT, Tori if it’s my day off I just want to play video games, go to the beach chill with my niggas!” Tori cut him a look.

          “I mean my boys.”

          “Why don’t you visit your mom?” Chris fell silent.

          “She’s coming out here in a few weeks for my first show, I’m probably gonna hang with Shad and Omari.”

          “Well just whatever you do be safe, I’m going home for the weekend and I’ll fly back out here on Monday and we will get ready for your upcoming events.”

          “Alright Tori, thanks” Tori gave Chris a long hug and watched him get out of the car. She pulled off as soon as Chris got to his door step of the mini condo he would be staying at. She drove off. Chris watched out the corner of his eye as Tori’s black Lexus turned the corner. He pulled out his phone and texted the person who had been on his mind.


          Robyn’s Nokia phone went off as she checked her text. She saw a brief message from Chris that said “hey”. She immediately smiled. She spent minutes tapping her finger over the buttons thinking of what she would say. She decided keep it simple: Don’t want him to think I’m on him too tough. She responded with a simple “Hey you” which was enough to make Chris’ day. Even though he literally just met her, he felt himself intrigued by her. He couldn’t get her out of his head. He had to see her. He called.

          “Hey shawty.” Robyn giggled as she smiled through the phone.

          ”Heyyyy, what ah gwan.” Chris laughed at her accent. He started mocking her.

          “I was just calling to see what you were doing, I just found out I have the next couple of days off…and I just wanted to see if…you know.”

          “See if what?” Robyn pretended not to know, even though she knew she was about to get invited.

          “I guess, if you weren’t doing anything I’d hope that you would want to come over.”

          “Um…sure I could. Do you have people over?”

          “No it’s just me, why I could call—“

          “No No, I’m coming by myself. Sooo…yea I’ll be there in maybe an hour or so.”

          “Sounds good.” Chris hung up the phone excited as ever. He did a backflip right over the couch but missed his landing and his leg hit the coffee table. He was in pain and limping but he hopped right to the shower. As fresh as he could be he was still comfortable wearing sweatpants and a white v-neck. He lit candles all around the room but quickly blew them out as he felt it would be corny to have candles lit for a girl he just met. She was more than just a girl to him. He couldn’t get her out of his head. As he waited for her he watched a MTV news special on upcoming artists and she happened to be one of the artists that they covered. He listened intently to her voice and her story. He saw the name RIHANNA which he didn’t even know what her name as he had been calling her Robyn. Before he knew it the doorbell rang and he quickly shut off the TV. He rushed to the door hurting his leg even more as it dragged behind him. He was in pain and it could be seen on his face but he didn’t care. He opened the door and there she was. She had on loose fit jeans and a tank top. Her hair was half up half down, and she had on converse sneakers on. She was dressed so normal yet she was still so beautiful to him. HE gave her a hug as she walked in. They had a moment where they started into each others eyes and he didn’t even realize he was grabbing her by her waist tight. She knew it and loved it. She sat on his couch and he came limping behind her, she noticed the limp and became concerned.

          “What happened to you why are you limping?” Chris was embarrassed to tell her what really happened. So he just told her. I ran into something…

          “Well are you ok?”

          “Yea I’m good…” Robyn could tell that he was really in pain.

          “Let me see.”

          “See what?” Robyn got up and pushed Chris on the couch. That shocked Chris. He was turned on and scared at the same time.

          “Give me your leg.” He complied and Robyn lifted his sweatpants so that she could see what was wrong. Chris leg was swollen. Robyn gently put her hand over Chris leg and he shuttered. She looked at him into his eyes.

          “You really hurt yourself.” Chris slightly embarrassed just nodded his head. She took his leg and propped a pillow under it.

          “You gotta keep it leveled.” Chris grabbed her shoulders to bring her up to him.

          “Thank you so much” he said. Robyn tried to get away from what she was feeling. She changed the subject.

          “So do you miss Tappahannock?” Chris looked puzzled.

          “How did you know that was where I was from?” Robyn looked slightly embarrassed before she told him.

          “Well…I watched MTV news special and …you were on it.” She put her head down. Chris laughed out loud and told her.

          “Well Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Tappahannock is cool, but how was it going to a military school on a beautiful island?” Robyn looked up at him and they both started laughing as they both did the same thing. They talked for what seemed hours. Chris tried showing her around his condo. They sat back on the couch and Chris was humming to himself. Robyn asked.

          “Could you sing for me?”

      “Sing what?”

          “I don’t know, just whatever comes to your head, I just want to hear you.” Chris thought about it for a minute and decided what he would sing to Robyn.

          “Ok…heres a little freestyle but don’t laugh.”

          “Ok…” Chris cleared his throat and started singing:

You are so beautiful to me

Cant you see

You’re everything I’ve hoped for

You’re everything I need

You are so beautiful to meeeeeeeeee Robyn was laughing so hard, and Chris took it the wrong way.

          “No No I loved it…but you didn’t write that” Chris shrugged his shoulders and placed his hands on her leg. He asked her again

          “I didn’t write it but it was for you.” Robyn bit her bottom lip and brought her body closer to Chris. She rubbed his head and got real close to his face.

`        “Well again, I loved it and thank you—“ before she could finish talking Chris grabbed her for a kiss, and she didn’t pull back. She had been wanting to kiss him since she met him and she was enjoying every single moment of it. Their lips wouldn’t let go, Robyn put her arms around Chris and he put his arms around her waist. He pulled her on him so she straddled him. HE stopped kissing her to get a good look at her. He looked down at himself to see he was growing. She went back in for another kiss and Chris roamed his hands all around her back. He moved lower and cuffed her butt with his hands, it made Robyn squirm which didn’t help Chris’ situation at all. All in one move he switched the positions and pinned Robyn on his couch, she tugged at his sweatpants and he gave her a look of do you really want to do this? Robyn nodded as she watched Chris take full control of her body and his at the same time. He moved so swiftly. It was as if she could feel him, and she hadn’t even felt him…yet. Before they could get started the mood was disturbed. The front door opened and immediately everything changed…



As Your Friend: Prelude to Back 2 Love — Chpt 1

Chapter 1

                “Chris could it hurt for you to focus for 10 minutes? We are almost there and I need you to know what to expect”

          “Tori I got this!”


          “You act like you don’t believe in me! I got this trust me!” Chris never took his eyes off of the video game, as his manager and second mom on the road Tori tried to get him to focus on his first exclusive industry party. Only sixteen, Chris knew she meant well  but he just wanted to play his video games, play basketball, talk to girls and most importantly dance and sing He didn’t realize all that it takes to put into an artist into a brand, and why should he have to? That was Tori’s job. Chris finally lost the game and threw the controller half way across the hotel room.

          “Ight Tori whats up!” His 6’1 frame stood tall over Tori, she looked into his eyes, Chris was like a son that she never had. He annoyed her but she had no choice but to love him. She helped him fix his tie and he got annoyed

          “I really gotta wear this”

          “YES, you do..,now listen I do not want you to be nervous” Tori was giving him a pep talk. Her smooth chocolate hands grabbed his face and brought him close to her. She kissed his forehead and pat his head. Chris moved his head back trying to keep his cool.

          “Me? Nervous? Neva That!” Chris’ young cockiness was cute. He was so young yet so much potential. He could sing he could dance and he could charm. He was definitely a winner, Tori knew that she had something extra special when she took on the role as his manager. She had been long time friends with Chris mother Joyce. She had convinced Joyce to let Chris get into the industry because she saw all his potential. Joyce trust Tori’s judgment and allowed her to care for her son’s career. Tori had been a blessing to Chris.

          Chris walked right on the side of Tori into the party. All he saw was White men in black suits and cocktails in their hand. He froze at the door. He thought he was ready. He never saw this many people in his life. They all seemed to know Tori. She shook hands, greeted and exchanged cheek kisses with every other man in the room. Chris laughed to himself as he thought How many of these guys did Miss Tori let hit…she does have a phat ass! Tori grabbed Chris hand and brought him to the only black man he saw in the room, so then he laughed again OK yeah, he hit it definitely!

          “Chris I want you to meet my old partner this is Jason Brown, he has the same name as you!”

          “Nice to meet you young man, they were playing your album at a meeting attended earlier, you are very talented.” Jason’s voice was deep and intimidating. Chris looked at him and smiled at the compliment.

          “Yo, thank you so much man!” Tori cut Chris off

          “Chris don’t say “yo” that’s impolite.” Chris rolled his eyes and Jason just laughed.

          “Aw Tori it’s alright! He’s young…that’s the lingo.” Tori cut Jason a look

          “Don’t encourage him, PLEASE.” Jason put his hand on Tori’s shoulder. Chris watched the exchanged.

          “Listen, I understand, it’s probably hard for Chris to even be here.” Jason started talking to Chris.

          “You play NBA2k5?”

          “Hell YEAH! I mean yes I do..”

          “You any good?”

          “Oh yea, I be on my Kobe…DUNKIN on em!”

          “Haaa Word! Well I get it you rather be playing games right now. Mingling with all these strangers aren’t your thing huh.”

          “I mean Miss Tori says that if I want to succeed in this industry I have to stand up straight, keep my head up, say yes sir and maam.” Jason looked at Tori.

          “Oh Tori, when did you get so uptight in your years? He’s 16 he needs to be with people his age not us!”

          “I have a new artist I’m managing around the same age as Chris here.” Chris was thinking in his head of who it could be?

          “Oh who?” Tori was interested.

          “Her name is Robyn. She is 17 and she’s about to drop her album. She’s from the Island of Barbados.” Chris intervined.

          “Where is Barbados??” Just then he heard a female voice with a thick accent speak up.

`”Barbados is the Caribbean, left side of the Virgin Islands.” Chris looked behind Jason and his mouth dropped open. A beautiful tall light honey brown skinned girl with Green eyes and brown hair stood with a long gown like she was going to a prom. Chris had NEVER seen anyone who looked like her. He was in awe. Jason saw the way he was looking at her and introduced them.

          “Chris this is Robyn, Robyn this is Chris.” They shook hands and stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Tori broke them up and pulled on Chris.

          “So Robyn you’re from the Caribbean, this must be extremely different for you.”

          “Definitely! It’s cold; everybody moves fast, it’s crazy.”   

          “I’m sure you’ll get use to it.” Tori said very bland.

          “Yea, I hope.” Tori motioned Jason to the side to talk to him, she had questions about Young Robyn.

          “So can the girl sing?”

          “She has a unique voice, that is still developing, but the girl has charisma and you see she’s gorgeous as ever.”

          “Ok but there is a million different girls out there who are gorgeous.”

          “There is something about her, her personality, her charm she is pretty much the whole package.”

      ‘Well how do you know the people will even like her, they have Beyonce, they have Amerie, what happened to that Teairra girl you were managing?” Jason looked back at Robyn.

          “Look, she’s not JUST a face, we got this—“

          “Here you go with this, we got this, Chris says that shit all the time.” Jason gave Tori a serious face.

          “Well listen to him, I know what I’m doing as a manager, remember you WERE my partner, until you decided to branch off, so you have no say so in what I have going on over here. My artist will be fine. The people will love her, they already do. Especially you’re boy who seems to be in love all within 5 minutes,” Tori looked back at Chris who was talking and laughing with Robyn. He was smitten by her. Tori wanted to nip that in the butt before it could even start.

          “Chrissss—“ Before she could get to him, her other colleagues called her and Jason over to talk. Before they went she said to Jason.

          “Don’t have the ‘princess’ corrupting Chris, It’s hard to get him to focus as is. Last thing he needs is for some Island hussy to come along and—

`        “Tori CHILL. They’re kids they relate…let them be.” Tori did drop it for now…

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